Far Infrared Electric Heating Pad

Far Infrared Heating Pads Mat for Back, Neck, Shoulders, Cramps, Pain Relief with Natural Jade and Tourmaline, Auto Shut Off, Smart Timer and Heat Settings, 15.7” x 20.5” (AC)


  • INFRARED HEATING PAD FOR PAIN RELIEF- penetrating deep into the inner regions of soft tissue, muscles and joints to provide natural heat relief from lower back pain, cramps, stress, sprains, strains, sore muscles, knots, spasms and more.
  • NATURAL JADE AND TOURMALINE STONE HEAT – When the electric heating pad is plugged in, you will quickly feel the heat! Gem stones heat that penetrate and absorb deep into the skin, muscle, tendons and tissue of the human body, relief sore muscles and joint pains .
  • EASY TO USE SMART CONTROLLER- Featuring LED illuminated digital Time and Temperature settings. Our 1-5 hour Auto Shut-Off feature provides maximum safety by preventing excessive heating, while the Memory function remembers your favorite heat settings!
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE- Your health and wellness are important to us. Feel secure knowing that our products are safe and effective, manufactured to the highest quality. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! We offer Quality Assurance for one year, free of charge! 100% risk free, what are you waiting for? Add to cart now!
  • A feature that makes this a popular mat among customers is its composition of crushed gemstones. Using smaller pieces of gemstones increases flexibility and comfort, allowing for an overall improved experience. Sit back and relax as the advanced heat system naturally stimulates your body, temporarily increasing your local blood circulation and triggering the relief of minor aches and pains.


Product Description

XUYU Far Infrared Heating Pad

infrared heating pads

Made from High Quality, Non-Toxic Materials:

  • Jade Stone – The best natural far infrared heating material for deep penetrating pain relief.
  • Durable PU Leather – Soft, soothing, flexible, stylish and long lasting.
  • Mesh Net Cover – Light and flexible. This lightweight mat can be rolled up and placed in the included Travel Storage Bag for your convenience.
  • Smart Controller with Auto Shut-Off – Customizable duration and precise heat intensity settings for safe, natural pain relief.


Why do you need our heating pad?

Our Heating Pad is made from the highest quality materials. It is safe, comfortable and easy to use, whether at home or the office. Relax in a recliner, sit on a chair, lie on the bed or couch, even use it on the floor – this heating pad is adjustable, flexible and portable. We believe it will revitalize you whether you are looking to release stress, accelerate healing or just want to stay warm and cozy during the winter. Use it to unwind after workouts, jogging, physiotherapy or yoga. Sweat out toxins and heavy metals. Ease period pain during menstruation. Boost serotonin for better sleep. Improve your breathing or simply relax and enjoy. You deserve it!

SAFETY FIRST – Your satisfaction is our priority! We strive to make all of our customers happy. What are you waiting for? Makes a great gift for yourself or your loved ones!


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